Wednesday, 10 October 2012

lush goodies in UK

i spent a couple of hours in lush!UK ,played with the magnificent colour wheel,which i chose rather significant colours after unfolding my eyes to pick anditdescribed the charater of mine for the day.

hapy day lush!lovers, its a candy shop you cant consume,tease tease!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Off Post: Emotions on a Device

Sometimes It is best to leave the pieces shattered,
Picking them up will only make things worst
I choose to walk away,
Not as an act of cowardice,
But to fight for my aching dreams.

I am glad to see now,
Panoramic clear view,
From where I am,
How and Who and When.
I remain silent.

I am glad things don't always go my way,
It has thought me patient and endurance
Blessing who knew might spring
Like an ocean full of angels.

Silent I sit by my window,
Through my walks I watch my steps,
Foot I never thought would land
Dream once forgotten,thoughts forbidden.

Moving forward seems the best Solution
I wont name is option
It is a life of deservance
I owe it to me alone
criticisms are going to be around
It wont stop me
I will stir undying fire
All towards that goal of life

Thank You for your kind attention readers.
I will be updating my blog soon and till then watch out for this space with much more creative works springing from yours truly.

Celebrate your life!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Pandora Malaysia Tropicana City Mall Promotion 2012

SO Malaysian Pandora Lovers!

Pandora Tropicana City Mall has a promotion!

you spend RM 999 you are entitled to 2 pieces of silver charms worth RM 124 Each.

Spend wisely and this promotion is only Valid in Tropicana City Mall now till 1 September!

Pearl of Wisdom Clip with cultured freshwater pearl and cubic zirconia.
RM 169
Daisy Safety CHAIN in sterling Silver from 0.4 com to 0.7 cm
RM 169

It could prevent your beads from rolling off when you open your bracalet its a secure form of beauty to your charms protector.
Friendship Forever Charm that comes in 2 parts which you can keep one foryourself and another to your bestie.
RM 252


Sunday, 12 August 2012

IIDA 2012

LUCKY 8th International InteriCAD Interior Designer Awards was held in Bangsar Village 2 recently and if you may ask it is  a celebration of creativity manifested from all walks of design life, guests and members of the media and it was of an occasion to celebrate the coming of all the talented designers of Malaysia,indeed a moment of pride and appraisal.

Xavier Mah emceed the occasion with fervent and enthusiasm just as the young designers reigned and Jeff Ng introduced as the  organizing chairman of the IIDA reiterated TS Exim’seffort in establishing a world class platform in recognition of talented interior designers in Malaysia
that eventually grown into a one of the most prestigious international interior design awards for the past seven years – rewarding outstanding designers, acknowledging design excellence and encouraging innovation and new ideas along the way.

In a nutshell the young designers and their talent is the epitome of the event and lucky draws were given at the end of the day as well as RM 50,000 cash prize in stake in call for young designers to submit their designs by the end of septemeber 2012!

For more info on how to win the cash prize; please visit this website:
The group Photo of the outstanding team

Goh Gek Soon, Veronica Lee, Jeff Ng, Peter Loo

Inspiring talk

Peter Loo speaking

Veronica Lee,Jeff Ng and Xavier Mah

The trios yet again

Have a pleasureable week creating your very own design.


Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Ideal Bridal Shower is Horns

If I had bridal shower before my wedding, it would be strictly my closest girls and no moms or aunts in there yo!

I just wish it will be memorable,and of coz with lots of laughter and all the silly talks and deeds and crazy night that it might be,It might be too wild for mothers and aunts to be around.

Hens night out at a far away island ,with jolly good fun and all the dare be done that night,uh I am waiting for the hens night out !! xx

Friday, 3 August 2012

Travelogue 2012 :Singapore

 Singapore Delight and Next I will be headed for the Fullerton Hotel and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and enjoy the fine dinning by the night.

Clean and Busy I would still be able to call it tranquil,but for the preassures that people face there in life from all ages on different wants.

You wont escape the language that the people of Singapore speak which would be that of a Singlish- Singapore English with many slangs to end their sentences with with their own singapore style.

Style and Pride is everywhere to be sniffed in this land and we cant blame them because such a small country yet they are running their country with its mega- economics and fancy trades .

If you are heading to Singapore soon or are there now,or wish to go there some day, I hope you enjoy your trip !


Preparation for waxing

Waxing is just brilliant.As much as some may be a naturalise,I sometimes don't fancy naturalise on myself.Waxing it off is the way to go for better hygiene,and abstain from odour and to have a clear and clean look anywhere and everywhere that waxing may be needed.

Things to Consider when one is up for waxing is:

  1. Mind Prepared.
  2. Keep it clean before going for waxing
  3. trim with scissors any hair possibly to reach 1 cm the most,the rest the therapist will handle!
  4. It is best to go during the late noon close to evenings ,where it is said pain are very much reduced during that period.
  5. Try not to swim and have hot shower after the waxing
  6. Always be comfortable with yourself 
  7. Be ready to set next appointment for maintenance.
Have fun ladies and gents !


BlackBerry Playbook 2012

So it has come to almost 8 Months with my BlackBerry Playbook and it is a device I am hooked by,trust me it is that handy!
my love for blackberry had increased with the presence of this gadgetta.

I carry it almost everywhere in my bag to save me the trouble of looking for a laptop when I am out and about with a screen big enough to read and small and light enough to hide it away.

Ps: I wish it had instagram and skype.