Pandora Jewelry

Pandora Jewelry is in Malaysia and thankfully it is just near where I live,makes it easier for me to look at it and aim to get it sooner than ever.

Pandora as it use to be as such a Talisman, to ward off bad luck and evil, now it is used for beautifying us women whether with its charm bracelets or necklaces even other accesories to compliment.

Habib Jewels have brought them into Malaysia and now it is gaining popularity with the Asian Market,such as Hong King ,China,South Korea,Singapore and Malaysia.

Just as every charm has a story to tell,this Danish made jewelery tells its tale through its jewelry of your Pandora choices.

This are Charms of my choice.Above are Which  priced from USD 235 to USD 510.

There are Pandora's more than USD 700 but I don't really fancy them so In my Pandora Charm Bracalet you might see few of these that I have added to my wish list .

Pandora can be cleaned by soaking them in water  for 10 minutes the most,or alternatively you could go to the stores to get them cleaned with a special cleaner  to avoid it from tarnishing.


  1. I love the idea of this bracelet! and they are beautiful! :)

  2. yes they are indeed soulful too!:D


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