Pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes with MrLens's Blogging Contest

pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes?
Now you can with MrLens Facebook Fan Page 

The exciting thing is that,I am one of the 30 Selected Bloggers to review the FreshLook Colour Blends Contact lenses!And this is even more exciting because,the colours I have choosen I have never tried before as much as I have always wanted to try because I am not daring enough?

I had started using FreshLook ColourBlends since year 2004 and have always believed it to be the best Contact Lenses around for it has the most natural and illuminating shade ,got me all good compliments everytime.
Yes exactly the same packaging for years and I love the royal look of it.
Will be getting 2 colours !

I want to extend my gratitude towards MrLens and PlusSizeKitten for organizing contest such as this which gives the opportunity for us bloggers to tell others how does it match your skin colour with the colours that you choose henceforth.


The added bonus for the bloggers contesting for this Pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes with MrLens is that winner wins a NIKON Coolpix P300 camera!
Very Much Excited to even try the bold colours that I have choosen!

Stay Tuned Readers!

Which of the 9 colours have I choosen?Any wild idea?
Keep Guessing until I further Disclose with flooding in pictures for your comments.:p


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