Bluunis a Bluutiful Experience

Bluunis a Bluutiful Experience which tags a line that goes "Bluunis unsheathes the beautiful woman in the modern women " as I regurgitate.

I was fortunate to be invited by Xavier Mah's Consultancy for this exclusive event of Bluunis held in One Utama New Wing.I was amazed to see that the entire placed was jiggled in Blue and I was greeted Kindly by the crew attendants of the inboard flight "Bluunis".

On-Board for Bluunis 

It did not come to me as a surprise anymore as I was all set and excited to sit a flight and taken off , of full fabulosity that afternoon with the great brand ambassadors like Jessie Koo,Alice Sim and Chong Sui Pei,strutting the runway flauting their beautifulselves as living testimonials to the memebrs of the floor, When Megan Tan as the hostness of the evening made her opening and reiterating the profoundity of transformation of bluunis'es esteemed patrons especially on eyebrows legitamacy  for a magnetic and bright outlook.

Beautiful is Young so those who wants to remain beautiful hop on the  in-bound flight to your way to beauty
(But just always remember you are beautiful beyond skin-depth)

The wonderful colage like story that sequence the event that occured the eventful thursday for Bluunis
when that afternoon was embossed with a Band Performance and also a photosession afterwards which I had a chance to devour myself to it and along the line served to some wonderful fingerfoods that was mouthwatering and petite making it a free and easy session for a get to know one another aka networking session.

So with that, Bluunis is a Brand that comes forward as the ultimate impressionist as they call themselves to be,all with a reason that many of the modern day women especially living in the urban seek professional advice and help for beauty therapthy and they are professional services which provides and have been in the business since 1997 and the founder being Mr.James Tan who himself embarked on a journey through Bluunis with the ultimatum that "every woman can be beautiful and young".

For the Track Record, to date there are more than 150,000 women nationwide who have had pleasant and satisfactory expereince and creating long-term relationships with these women through warm and professional expertise through their various services packed with integrity and high ethics to be leading in the beauty industry as well as promoting their products of great value.

The fisheye view

For the Day on the open booth of consultation and services

Carla Soong & bluunis Impressionists

Jessie Koo, Alice Sim, Chong Sui Pei the 3 beautiful ladies with the product

Renne (model), Jessie Koo, Chan Tai Seng, Chong Sui Pei, Alice Sim, Carla Soong, Eliana (model).
standing tall for the group shot

The band performance

TOOLS along with it
sate going around

Chocolate Truffles going around.

Carla Soong and a attendant for Bluunis 

Strutting with  Bluunis Impressionist with OxyEnergy

Magnificently Displayed 

Bluunis Impressionist with OxyEnergy Set in the Glass Cubic

Hope you had a great flight!!

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Bluunis Impressionist with OxyEnergy
Apparently contains no parabens,perfume,or any dangerous elements,and OXYRAPY is said to be suitable for all skin types.And a mixture of pure oxygen by a SKIN DOCTOR from France and of high performance plants.
So visit Bluunis for more information on this OxyEnergy that is of great hype.

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