Euro-Atlantic 20th Anniversary WareHouse Happening

Euro-Atlantic 20th Anniversary WareHouse Happening 30th June & 1 July 2012!
Time: 12:00 -5:00 P.M.
Venue: Lot 341, Jalan Pinggiran 2, Pinggiran Ukay,  Hulu Kelang,68000 Selangor ,Malaysia.
 (Map will be attached below)

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Basically this Company has a track record of a good 20 good old  years and that is not even something to joke about,given  the fact that to sustain this long ,perhaps and very well then ,they has and had and will remain to be one of the very best and leading Importer, Distributor, of fruits,vegetables and marine produced which is based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Their vegetables produce all kind of lettuce.2 kinds of lettuce.Australian Romaine   and LOCAL Romaine lettuce,fresh big n green.

onions are superb.

red onions for burgers ,salads very hug and radiant and very freshly red.

russet potato huge,creamy, and most of all very clean.
also known as Australian Burbank potato's.


fresh vegetables,fennel, and carrots are very orange in colour dark.Australian colour.


And their micro-greens comes in a pot ,thats how fresh they deliver it ,says the reknown chef .

This are micro-greens, perfect for garnishing,and picture credit  to show what micro-greens are was taken from  google images.

I had  the Honor to  interview a chef from one of the famous fine dinning restaurants along jln bangkung,who himself  regularly orders from euro-Atlantic and prefers dealing with them best.Saying that their service and Quality are outstanding and a trusted distributor.Thank You for the information Mr.Chef.

Euro-Atlantic comprise of
3 subsidiaries:

Euro-Atlantic (Penang) Sdn Bhd (EAPG) since 2001

C-Food Portions Sdn Bhd (CFP) since 2007

 Euro Atlantic (Sabah) Sdn Bhd (EAKK) since 2011

The company installed state of the art cold rooms and equipment. They also have a 26 chiller fleets and freezer trucks to cater customers from the northern, central and southern regions of Malaysia 
These images I am about to show are from the (photo credits to them ) on how and what does Euro-Atlantic's products and packaging's are like.

Majority of the import products come from the USA, Australia and Europe yet Euro- Atlantic is continuously looking for new origins. The company is looking for new products which have a good potential to be marketed in Malaysia. Korea, China, Egypt, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia are few countries that have been chosen for new products.
Euro- Atlantic observes the highest standard in terms of hygiene and food safety which plays an important role in distributing product to retailers, hypermarkets, restaurants, hotels, airline catering and as far as providing services to the US Navy. The company maintains HACCP certification since 2009.
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It is indeed eye-opening that Euro-Atlantic are huge and are major in this business and sadly not many are aware of their existence but for the people of the food industry.

Let us now experience the freshness in products of fruits and marine life,as we also enjoy the benefit of paying not a premium but affordable prices as we enjoy the taste of freshness.

I am excited and looking forward to be the 1st 100 people to be able to spin the wheel of fortune ,let me see what I will get and also buy fresh foods one of the 2 days which is 30th June 2012 and 1st July 2012!

Credit Cards can be used as well as cash,so don't hesitate to swipe your card in the warehouse,and for those who owns shops and restaurants,this is your chance to grab fresh items at a good bargain.

See you people there,lets expect the unexpected from a long-standing distributor!

Map for Directions.
Map as mentioned.

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