Pandora Malaysia Price Reduction 2012

Hello there avid fans of Pandora!

Now you may not anymore compare and complain of the difference in the ranges of prices within the Pandora's Asia Pacific.

To be more specific,the silver charms are down in price, than it use to be before,few months back.
So it makes it more easier for us to collect more charms, well there are over 700 charms to date, and more coming in for autumn/winter 2012 , so you can have more than 1 bracelet for yourself!

The Pandora Birthstone rings are amazing and I should not forget to mention how stack - able they are at
RM 230* EACH.

Seeing the amazing Pandora lovers purchasing various colour themes for their many kinds of bracelets is a joy for another Lover of this fine jewellery.

A silver charm could start at about RM 72, and goes to about RM 113, And RM 124, and RM 135.
If you would like to add colours and a touch of class,then silver pieces are perfect for distinguishing the wonderful spectrum on your bracelets.

The charms consisting of the solid 14 K Gold may be tad too pricey for some,and for some it could be lavish and if they could afford it, then yes the vibrance of its wondrous gold shall be majestically worn and adorn.

Ps: I have been eyeing some charms to get ,and looks like its about time to get it as the prices are really a deal as of now,before they are gone, retired and replaced with a new design, I better hurry and get what I like.
You should get yours too at your nearest Pandora Store In Malaysia.

*Prices mentioned are as at the time enquired and are subject to changes accordingly.