Preparation for waxing

Waxing is just brilliant.As much as some may be a naturalise,I sometimes don't fancy naturalise on myself.Waxing it off is the way to go for better hygiene,and abstain from odour and to have a clear and clean look anywhere and everywhere that waxing may be needed.

Things to Consider when one is up for waxing is:

  1. Mind Prepared.
  2. Keep it clean before going for waxing
  3. trim with scissors any hair possibly to reach 1 cm the most,the rest the therapist will handle!
  4. It is best to go during the late noon close to evenings ,where it is said pain are very much reduced during that period.
  5. Try not to swim and have hot shower after the waxing
  6. Always be comfortable with yourself 
  7. Be ready to set next appointment for maintenance.
Have fun ladies and gents !