Off Post: Emotions on a Device

Sometimes It is best to leave the pieces shattered,
Picking them up will only make things worst
I choose to walk away,
Not as an act of cowardice,
But to fight for my aching dreams.

I am glad to see now,
Panoramic clear view,
From where I am,
How and Who and When.
I remain silent.

I am glad things don't always go my way,
It has thought me patient and endurance
Blessing who knew might spring
Like an ocean full of angels.

Silent I sit by my window,
Through my walks I watch my steps,
Foot I never thought would land
Dream once forgotten,thoughts forbidden.

Moving forward seems the best Solution
I wont name is option
It is a life of deservance
I owe it to me alone
criticisms are going to be around
It wont stop me
I will stir undying fire
All towards that goal of life

Thank You for your kind attention readers.
I will be updating my blog soon and till then watch out for this space with much more creative works springing from yours truly.

Celebrate your life!